August 09, 2005

Exercise Family Style

This weekend, James woke up early one morning and couldn't go back to sleep in spite of wanting to sleep in. He surrendered to wakefulness and got ready to go jogging. Matthew woke up too and went with him. He kept up fairly well and enjoyed the run.

This morning, Matthew and Sophie decided that they'd like to go for a jog. They put on their jogging shoes and ran around the cul-de-sac in a C-shape together. Evan woke up later and wanted to jog as they were finishing. They all decided to go back out together. When they came in, Matthew exclaimed, "I want to do that tomorrow!"

Lest you accuse me of laziness for not joining them, I will inform you that I had already done my 55 minute T-Tapp workout!

Tonight James took the kids to a bi-weekly soccer league from 5:30 -7:00 pm at a Baptist church. The kids loved it! James said that Evan got very excited cheering his team on. On the way home, Sophie remarked, "Daddy, I like soccer better than playing dolls."

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