July 30, 2005

A Little History...

After graduating from Geneva College, I taught at Philadelphia Montgomery Christian Adademy for two years. The first year, I taught middle school Bible; the second year, middle school geography and history.

I recently heard from a former student, Aneesh, about what he is doing in his life now. He wrote: " I am currently a third year medical student at George Washington university in Washington DC. Just as in junior high, I would like to specialize in eyes and use my gifts to serve on God on the mission field, in India, where I have visited several times." I am thankful that the Lord sustained Aneesh's kingdom vision over the years and that Aneesh is developing his talents and skills to continue to serve God by serving those in need!

Here is a picture of Aneesh back in 1991 or '92 (pictures taken by a fellow teacher and given to me in an album when I left Philmont):
Aneesh is on the right.

Bible Class: Aneesh is in the front row.
Aneesh's 7th grade class.
A recent picture of Aneesh in India.

At the end of my second year of teaching, James and I were engaged and I was moving away from Philly. The middle school teachers and kids threw me a going away party where they put on a few skits...
When a class needed to quiet down, I would lower my voice and apparently open my eyes wide. Here is an interpretive skit of my teaching technique.
The class put on a skit of what my wedding would be like. If I'm remembering correctly, the "groom" forgot to say "I do." The funny thing is that in our real wedding ceremony, the preacher only said part of the phrasing, which confused James, and there was a long pause before he said, "I do." It was a light-hearted moment.

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