July 27, 2005

Visit to New Cabin

July 24, 2005 - Uncle Alan and Aunt Gerry invited us to their new cabin for the afternoon and evening.

24July05 front of cabin.jpg

24July05 cabin driveway.jpg

24July05 cabin living room.jpg

24July05 cabin living room from above.jpg

24July05 miniature saddle.jpg
The saddle is for a miniature horse. Over a period of around two years, the cabin will settle, and the posts will meet the crossbeams.

24July05 cousins teepee fort.jpg
The cousins had a ball building this fort together.

July 25, 2005 -

25July05 Evan mowing.jpg
Evan has been helping his dad out with a reel mower.

25July05 kids front porch.jpg
We now have a garden bench on our front porch. Okay, we need to take out the dead bush.

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