July 25, 2005

Goodbye Ouray

This is the fourth and final journal entry about our Ouray Vacation. Please scroll down to the July 19th entry to begin. My mom informed me that I have received comments, but something is not working, because I can't find them. Hopefully that will get fixed soon.

On Friday, July 22nd, we said "Goodbye" to Ouray. We drove to Ridgway State Park and ate lunch beside the lake. We drove a more scenic route on the way home: Highway 550 to State Highway 92 to Highway 133 (where we stopped at Hays Creek Falls near Redstone and saw the beautiful red cliffs of the area) to Highway 82 (through Aspen; Independence Pass) to U.S. 24 going through Leadville to State Highway 91 (past a valley where mining towns once stood, but have been covered over) to I-70.

Ouray trip 05 Hays Creek Falls.jpg

Ouray trip 05 Gnarled roots beside Hays Creek Falls.jpg

Ouray trip 05 Chair Mtn.jpg
Sophie insisted that we stop and take a picture of Chair Mtn.

Ouray trip 05 Aspen along Independence Pass.jpg
Aspen along Independence Pass

Ouray trip 05 Independence Pass.jpg

Ouray trip 05 Old Schoolhouse Leadville, CO.jpg
Old Schoolhouse Leadville, CO

Ouray trip 05 deer by roadside.jpg

Ouray trip 05 sunset.jpg

The kids entertained themselves in the van by making sculptures out of Crayola Modeling Magic clay. That clay is great stuff, because it isn't very sticky and doesn't get everywhere. It dries to a styrofoam-like texture.

The overwhelming favorite road-trip tape for our family is Paul Simon's Graceland, especially the song "You can call me Al".

It is pleasant that our kids are old enough now, that we can enjoy a vacation like this!

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