July 21, 2005

Ouray Vacay: Million Dollar Highway

Since I have a cold which worsened today, we chose more low key activity.

We went back to the glassworks shop and watched the glassblower make a couple of glass ornaments. He said that his furnace is 2500 degrees farenheit!

We drove the Million Dollar Highway between Ouray and Silverton. At every turn appeared a new mountain vista . The position of the sun at the time we were driving cast shadows on the peaks, saving us some film, but the views were beautiful nonetheless.

Ouray trip 05 Million Dollar Highway tunnel.jpg

Ouray trip 05 family beside red mtn creek.jpg

Ouray trip 05 flowers along red mtn creek.jpg

We stopped in Silverton for lunch. At the cafe, Sophie complained of a headache, then I noticed her lips were white and she said she was feeling sick. I immediately scooped her up in my arms and trotted out of the restaurant to the van. She threw up. We went back to the cafe and sat outside on a garden bench. James brought me my sandwich which I ate while giving her time to recuperate. When her lips returned to their normal hue, I let her finish my sandwich.

A Durango & Silverton train pulled into town and we got to see the steam engine back up the train. We will have to ride that train someday, Lord willing!

Ouray trip 05 D and S train Silverton.jpg

Ouray trip 05 Engine 481.jpg

Ouray trip 05 D and S train backing up.jpg

Ouray trip 05 A L jeep Silverton.jpg

We bought some mint chocolate fudge at a candy shop. Yum yum! Mighty rich. We took the kids to a playground which had actual teeter-totters!!! Apparently the school in Silverton is willing to take more risks than the rest of America. Our kids had heard of see-saws from us, but had never played on one! We left when it started raining. The first rain we've had all week!

Ouray trip 05 see saw Silverton.jpg

Ouray trip 05 Silverton see saw.jpg

Wouldn't you know it, we took the wrong branch of the road on the way out of town and ended up driving past Silverton for a ways instead of back to Ouray. We did get to see some more interesting peaks.

Ouray trip 05 red slopes outside of Silverton.jpg

This afternoon, James took the kids to the playground, and after supper, he took them to the hot springs pool from 6:30-9:00 pm. My cold knocked me out in the condo.

Delurking is Delovely.jpg

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