July 20, 2005

Ouray Vacay Diary: A Tale of Two Falls

This morning, we had to move from a two-bedroom condo to a one-bedroom. The one-bedroom is much nicer and bigger with the exception of one less bedroom. We're glad we moved. The kids will sleep on the floor in sleeping bags. That is still an adventure to them. Out the kitchen windows, we can see Mt. Abrams !

Ouray trip 05 old mine bldg near Idarado mine.jpg
How do you like the condo?

Ouray trip 05 view of Mt Abrams behind condo.jpg
View of Mt. Abrams behind condo

Ouray trip 05 view behind condo.jpg
Another view behind our condo which we could see from the kitchen window.

Late morning, we drove over to the Box Canyon Falls Park. One can never grow tired of experiencing the Box Canyon Falls ! At the head of the trail, greedy little chipmunks ate seed fallen on the ground from the birdfeeders hanging above. One little munk stuffed his already bulging cheeks while tiny birds pelted him with seed as they fed. The path delved into the canyon where the falls exploded through the rock. Mist wafted though the air as the falls thundered down to the pool and stream running out of the canyon . We also climbed a higher path to a bridge over the canyon above the falls, providing a birds-eye view, not only of the canyon and creek, but of the city of Ouray at the base of the Ampitheatre.

Ouray trip 05 Chippie.jpg
Cheeky Chippie

Ouray trip 05 bridge over Box Canyon.jpg
I zoomed in to snap this picture

Ouray trip 05 reaching for six.jpg
Sophie is almost six years old!

Ouray trip 05 Evans perch.jpg

Back at the entrance station for the park, we once again noted a plaque which quoted Psalm 93:4 - "Mightier than the thunders of many waters. Mightier than the waves of the sea. The Lord on high is mighty!" It also read: "God is always greater than all of our troubles." It is interesting that it is posted on a city building and we are impressed that it is still there!

Ouray trip 05 Box Canyon plaque.jpg

[ An aside: We have some friends who recently spent a week vacationing in Estes Park. When they arrived home, they discovered that their refrigerator ice maker malfunctioned and flooded the lower story of their home. Everything was destroyed: walls, floors, furniture and books. The mom was comforted by God's grace that her box of school books for the year was on the second floor and not destroyed. Though they have to live at a relative's house until Christmas, probably, while the house is completely remodeled, at least she can keep up with homeschooling her daughters. Praise God!
We all depend on water for our daily lives, but it also can be a force of destruction. During our trip, we were also praying for a friend who was in the path of the hurricane which hit Mexico. She weathered the storm safely. Praise God that He is mightier than the thunders of many waters. Jesus is ruler over the wind and the waves. He is always greater than all of our troubles! Jesus is also the source of Living Water (John 4:10-14) Let us depend on Him to sustain us.]

At lunch in the condo, another little chipmunk peeked in the window at me while I ate. After lunch our terrible trio pulled a newly developed moth out of its cocoon. I told them that it wouldn't be able to fly, but Evan retorted: "It's just a moth, Mom!"

In town, we watched a glassblower making a hummingbird feeder. I read a sign in his shop which said that some of his glass ornaments are on display at the Smithsonian Institute.

Ouray trip 05 Sam Rushing and a fiery furnace.jpg
Sam Rushing and his fiery furnace. I wonder if he enjoys the work more in the winter?

Ouray trip 05 Sam Rushing fashioning glass.jpg

Ouray trip 05 Rushing coloring glass ornament.jpg
Rushing coloring his glass ornament

We hiked a trail to Cascade Falls (click on pictures on left side of linked page). The area held many attractions for the kids. They played inside two shallow caves and a fort made of branches and sticks, climbed on the cliffs, splashed barefoot in the shallow stream and rock pools below the falls, and collected several rock specimens. Their clothes, socks, and shoes got covered with red dust and dirt. (Matthew is a rather peaceful fellow, but his face looks as if he decorated it with war paint.)

Ouray trip 05 in front of Cascade Falls.jpg

Ouray trip 05 Cascade Falls.jpg

Ouray trip 05 beside Cascade Falls.jpg

Ouray trip 05 Kids at cave entrance.jpg

Ouray trip 05 Sophie in cave.jpg
And to the Bear in its lair, Sophie "Sue" said, "I don't care!"

Ouray trip 05 Matthew gazing at Cascade Falls.jpg

Ouray trip 05 stream slime.jpg
Inside joke: "Hey Dad! Is it safe to eat? Is it good for you? Does it have lots of vitamin C?"

Ouray trip 05 Sophie wading.jpg

James and the kids are now at the playground by the hot springs pool (which has been completely drained for cleaning) while I take a break in the condo.

Before supper, the boys taught Sophie how to play checkers! During supper, we watched fiesty hummingbirds and darting swallows outside the kitchen window.

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