April 29, 2005

Update on Cameron

I just received the following email from Cameron's parents:

Hi everybody--it's 2:41 am Friday and we just got off the phone with Cam.
He had been at a forward communications facility with his squad running a
security detail so we hadn't heard from him for two weeks. While they were
there they came under very heavy enemy fire and Cam had to coordinate the
firefight with his squad plus their support people--several heavy machine guns
and I think some mortar guys. When it was all over the batallion commander,
LtCol Mundy, came out, told Cam that he had done an outstanding job, and
promoted him to Sgt on the spot! We (and he) are VERY thankful for your
continued prayers, which as you can see are being effective. Cam said he
had no casualties at all during the whole firefight which lasted quite a while.

Thank God for His faithfulness!!! Love you all--R&B

Posted by melissa at April 29, 2005 09:04 AM