November 13, 2004

Recent Birthday Party/ Game Day

The kids were recently invited to a costume/birthday party/ game day attended by 17 kids total. Here they are dressed up and ready to go:

going to costume party.jpg

The birthday boy:

Andrew and cake.jpg

Little party girls:

three party girls.jpg

Sophie and Brianna.jpg

Six warriors:

six warriors.jpg

Playing "Duck, Duck, Goose":

duck duck goose.jpg

duck duck goose 2.jpg

Playing "Set":

game day.jpg

The kids also enjoyed whacking a pinata!

One of the moms who attended the party has ideas for two other group activities. She wants to host a tea at her house in December when she will bring out her fine china and teach the kids about manners. (As I have reminded Evan lately, "If you don't mind your manners, someone else will.") She also had the idea of a "Junior Toastmasters" get-together where the kids will recite a verse or poem or read a selection aloud for each other. I volunteered to host that activity on November 30th.

Posted by melissa at November 13, 2004 06:19 PM