August 12, 2004


NEWSFLASH! All three kids earned "ICEES" today for doing all that their teachers told them to do at swimming lessons!

Last night, James and I asked his mom to babysit Evan and Sophie, and we took Matthew to the rec center. We had him do torpedoes to Jms off of the side, over-and-over. At first he fussed and refused, but I nudged him off the side and he had to float/splash/paddle to Jms. After a little nudging, he started doing it on his own. When we left, he thanked us for taking him (I think it made him feel special) and said that he'd do the torpedoes for his teacher. He did it! He admitted that he was still a little afraid, but I pointed out that he was brave, because being brave means doing what you need to do in spite of being afraid. I also consoled him that it would get less scary the more he did it.

If you prayed for him: Thanks!

Sophie enjoyed her "Squishy" as she called her drink!

Posted by melissa at August 12, 2004 03:05 PM