July 20, 2004

Our Trip to Grandma's 90th Celebration

The end of June, we drove almost 1500 miles (one way) to attend my grandmother's 90th birthday celebration. I actually prefer driving to flying. I like seeing the country and spending time with family in the car.

Here is a list of activities that kept us occupied in the car:

* Listening to books on tape or CD (We had a signal splitter so that we could plug in three sets of headphones for the kids)
* Listening to music
* Portable Lego lap table
* Wikki sticks (colored wax covered strings which can be bent into different shapes without mess)
* Portable Lite Brite
* Clipboards with storage space for art supplies
* Activity books
* magnetic drawing board
* bag of little dolls
* blank maps to track states that we drove through and to mark the states we saw listed on license plates
* singing
* Playing "20 Questions" and "I Spy"
* Quizzing math facts ( The kid that answered could eat a small piece of candy. Sophie could eat one whenever Matthew answered. She did answer one problem correctly on her own: 1,000,523 x 0 = 0 !!)
* James enjoyed pointing out road kill and the boys enjoyed pointing out cell phone towers
* Wildlife watching: redwing blackbirds, a mouse, an opossum, meadowlarks, egrets, deer, blue herons, pelicans, and hawks

Here are pictures of family:

Ray Hemphills.jpg
This is my dear Grandma whose 90th birthday we celebrated, along with Grandpa, my dad, Aunt Beth, and Uncle Alan

Bruce Hemphills.jpg
Not pictured: Baby James (taking a nap) and Jackie's husband, Luke (could not get time off work)

The little cousins (except Baby James)

Bri and Seb.jpg
This is Brian, Jen's husband, with their son, Sebastian

Girls Talking.jpg
Ana and Sophie

girls on a swing.jpg

Grandpa and kids on swing.jpg

Matt and Baby Jms.jpg
Here is Baby James, swinging with Matthew!

Who Me.jpg
Who Me? ("No No Noah")

Matthew sandwich.jpg
Matthew with his two Great Grandmas

The best part of our trip was that we had many quality visits with family and friends. Many people came to Grandma's party to honor her.

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