June 11, 2004

President Reagan

I wish I had more memories of President Reagan when he was actually president. From what I understand, I respect his convictions, his attitude, and his leadership abilities, especially his ability to communicate his convictions. I have been very moved by his funeral today and have thanked the Lord for his life and presidency. I am glad that the funeral spoke of the gospel and brought glory to God in that way. As a Christian, I am aware that President Reagan was not America's Savior, but God did use him in some ways to bless us and the world.

Partly, this funeral also represented to me a continuing farewell to my grandparents' generation. I am fortunate to still have three of my grandparents here. When they are gone, I will miss their wisdom, and example, and most of all their prayer. Will our generation provide as firm a foundation for our children and grandchildren as they did for us?

Posted by melissa at June 11, 2004 01:24 PM