June 11, 2004

Our Reptile Exhibit

Matthew pointed out to us that we have a garter snake living in our window well. The kids wanted to put it in a jar, but I pointed out that it already is in a big jar! And it can get its own food. I'm hoping that's the case, at least, and that it'll have enough water. I'm sorry all you snake-haters out there: (like Michelle, who freaked out when I told her about our window well friend and called it "slimy". You can't reason with people who call snakes slimy; it's purely an irrational, emotional response. She also asked me if mosquitoes will be in heaven. I told her that snakes eat bugs!) I think it is cute. It is fun to go check on it every once-in-awhile and see where it has slithered.

Posted by melissa at June 11, 2004 12:45 PM