June 11, 2004

Battle of the Basement

For the last two days, I have fought the Battle of the Basement. I won! I've gone through boxes, weeding out items for our garage sale this weekend. With the kids, I cleaned up and organized their toys. I put an envelope and card on each container. If they want to play with something, they have to check it out, by giving me the card. I will limit how many toys can be out at the same time. Before supper, or at least before bedtime, they'll have to pick up what they checked out. I'm hoping this will work, because I don't like to spend my time in the basement. That's why it got so messy down there to begin with. I wasn't always aware of how much they were hauling out and all of the little toys (i.e. Tinker toys, legos, lincoln logs, blocks) scattered everywhere became a daunting task to clean up. Now the kids can actually ride a trike and a Big Wheel down there!

Now our Family room is full of garage sale items. I'll be glad to be rid of it.

Posted by melissa at June 11, 2004 09:16 AM