June 07, 2004

White Chili Recipe

Printed here, by request. I received it from Angi who received it from her friend, Miriam:

Ground turkey (I've used from 1/2 #- 11/2#) browned with one onion chopped
or I have used leftover chicken
2/3 c. barley
3 15 oz. cans Great Northern beans (or any white beans) rinsed
small can green chilies (I use mild)
1 tsp. marjoram
2 T. cumin
4-6 cups chicken broth (chicken bouillon fine)
shredded MJ or sharp cheddar cheese topping for individual bowls

Lately, I've just cooked the barley separately and then put all the ingredients in a pot and simmered for at least 15 minutes. The original recipe was for crockpot use, but I can't find the card and don't remember the cooking time.
A green salad makes a good side dish.

Posted by melissa at June 7, 2004 12:57 PM