May 10, 2004

Mother's Day

On Saturday, Evan asked me, "When is Mother's Day?"

I told him, "Tomorrow."

He then asked if he could do a project with construction paper. I got out of the way while he and the other two made their project at the kitchen table. When they were done, they wanted to show me the surprise right away, but I told them to hide it in the basement. They did so, then posted a "Do Not Enter" sign on the door to the basement. They asked me if they could set an alarm for 6 am so that they could set it up in the kitchen to surprise me. I persuaded them that they'd be up in plenty of time to do that without an alarm! Whew!

When I came down for breakfast Sunday morning, I saw a paper chain that they had made, "inscribed" with their names, and a little poster hanging from it saying "Happy Mothers Day". I was impressed that they did all that on their own!

We invited Jms' mom over for lunch, then Cheryl called inviting us over to their house. We declined, then after some consultation, called her back and invited them (including Aunt Jean) over as well. We not only were celebrating Mother's Day, but Johanna's graduation from grad school to get her Masters in speech pathology. She already has a job lined up for the fall at a high school nearby!

In the afternoon, before church, Sophie put together a 48 piece puzzle with coaching from Grandma and me. Occasionally she got frustrated, because she was tired, but she still insisted on plugging away until it was done. I told her that she could do a puzzle with Grandpa the next time she saw him, because he loves puzzles. We haven't told the kids that their grandparents are coming in two weeks. We want them to be surprised.

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