May 07, 2004

Our Week

Today the kids and I painted styrofoam balls to make a model of the solar system. We all had fun. I cut "Saturn" in half and glued in a CD for the rings. When James gets home, we'll hang them from the ceiling, probably in the boys' room. I just bought a new book: The Young Christians Guide to Astronomy by Jeannie Fulbright which we'll use this summer. I like it so far.

Sophie has been, on her own initiative, cutting out little pictures out of magazines and gluing them on paper. She is pretty handy with the scissors, even without me instructing her much. She learns a little more each day about reading.

For two days this week, I've called the kids back inside after they've played for an hour in the afternoon, and we've done activities all together. Fun things such as laundry, cleaning and meal prep! I was very surprised that they didn't complain! They actually liked working on what they were able. Yesterday, I demo'd how I clean the bathroom. I took them to another bathroom, had them pick it up and then "let" Evan clean it. He cleaned the toilet and the sink and mopped the floor by himself. I cleaned the tub, b/c he couldn't reach across. He enjoyed it and proudly told James about his work when Jms got home. Matthew wanted to clean the bathroom too. I told him that he could when he was as old as Evan. He did dry off the sink and put things away when it was finished. I also took the opportunity to nip any bickering in the bud and remind them about how to treat each other. (They generally get along well and enjoy playing with each other, but they do have their moments each day.)

I've been going to a Curves gym for the past two weeks (women only!) I go at 6:30 am before Jms goes to work. I really like the exercise, but last time after exercising, my right wrist started really hurting. I forgot my old tendinitis problem, b/c I haven't exacerbated it in awhile. I hope it doesn't derail my exercise. It was really nice that Evan cleaned that bathroom for me, which gave my wrist a rest.

I called Aimee's (my good friend from college) sister, Melissa and asked her if she'd be willing to teach my kids art lessons this summer. She has an art degree and years of experience with teaching children. She said yes! Though it will be an hour drive, it will be worth it. I'm so excited and I know the kids will love it!

Posted by melissa at May 7, 2004 07:09 PM