April 29, 2004

Thank the Lord for Little Girls!

Sophie is such a joy to be around. Her cheerful spirit and eagerness to learn brighten my day! She likes to spend some time every day working at learning to read on her own initiative. She brings me her little Bob books and reads them to me. (Short little books with easy three letter words in sentences.) When she obviously is getting tired (starts yawning), I tell her that she can stop, but she usually presses on to get to "The End". She even took the books to bed last night and read for a little while before "lights out". This morning she read a Bob book to James and I first thing. She also likes to work on spelling on a white board. I read a word from the beginning spelling lists in the spelling/phonics program that I use and she can isolate the "phonograms" (letters or letter combo's) that make up the word to spell it.

She also likes to get out her Earlybird Math book when the boys are working on theirs and do some pages.

During part of our school time today, she rearranged the dolls and furniture in her dollhouse and organized the doll clothes.

She has come up with cute little drawings of "kitty girls" out of her own imagination. She draws a little kitty wearing a puffy dress with fanciful designs and ruffles. She usually draws a house outline around the kitty and sometimes draws trees with birds perched on them. Yesterday, she drew a picture of several clowns and a truck that carried flowers for sale. The clown idea came out of a book, but the truck was entirely her own.

It's nice to see her apply herself cheerfully to different activities. "Kindergarten" couldn't be easier!

She also cracks me up (internally) when James reads the book of Acts at night. When he asks her a question about the story, her answer no matter what is usually "Paul".

Posted by melissa at April 29, 2004 04:44 PM