October 27, 2004


This morning, I listened to Sophie singing "stream of conscience" style in the bathtub. When she trilled, "I really love Christmas, because that is when I get some presents," she apparently heard me snort with laughter, because she immediately edited her refrain to include, "but I'm happy with what I have right now."

This evening, she tried to sing Psalm 46A, the version in our Psalm book set to the tune of "America the Beautiful" (which by the way, is VERY distracting to me--not her singing-- but the problem that the tune automatically brings the original words into my head!) She told me that at first she thought that the line, "And, therefore, tho' the earth remove we will not be afraid" was "...we will not be his friends." Silly gi'l.

The kids bundled up tonight and watched the lunar eclipse progress for awhile from the front porch. They even got some rakes out and raked up a pile of leaves on our front lawn while they were waiting to see the moon turn reddish. I really need to get a bench to sit on out front. I stayed inside where it was warm and made a grocery list. (James wasn't home from Pueblo yet.) Later we looked at the moon from our front bedroom window.

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October 20, 2004

The Cavy Castle

Here are some pictures of the guinea pig cage that James and I made:

Cavy Cage.jpg

Cavy Castle.jpg

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Sophie Is Five!

We had a birthday party for Sophie on Saturday. Sophie called it a "Flying Pony Party." Including our kids, ten kids were present.

Our talented friend, Michelle, made the CUTEST pink pony cake for Sophie:

Pink Pony Cake.jpg

Michelle and Sophie.jpg

When the kids arrived, they colored posterboard pony heads that I had drawn and cut out ahead of time. Two other moms and I, armed with glue guns, glued googly eyes on the ponies if the kids wanted, glued on each kid's choice of crinkle paper mane, and attached a stick to make homemade hobby horses.

Coloring Kids.jpg

Birthday Princess.jpg

After finishing their ponies, the kids had a "pony parade" around our house. Actually, it turned into more of a wild mustang roundup for a time, but I got the kids calmed down long enough to take this picture:

Birthday Riders.jpg

Ride em CowEv.jpg

We consumed the cake. The kids played "Horse, Horse, Pony." To conclude the party, I gave out some small gifts to each child.

James' mom, John, Angi, Conner and Josi stayed awhile longer.


Aunt Angi and Josi.jpg

Jophie and Sosie.jpg
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Nerf Dart "Misfire":
Nerf Darts.jpg

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October 08, 2004

Cursive First Works

The kids have been practicing cursive every school day since Aug. 16th and here is an example of the results for Sophie from her Spelling Log:

Sophie spelling log A.jpg

No Kidding! I said each word to Sophie and broke down the sounds for her. She repeated each sound while writing the word HERSELF. She read her words after writing them.

Matthew has learned cursive too and the boys got a big kick out of the fact that I mistook Matthew's spelling log to be Evan's, because I couldn't tell their handwriting apart. His writing is very neat now.

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October 04, 2004

An Injury, a Wild Trip, and a Must-See Movie

Well, Evan is our second child to get stitches. Last night another child threw a Rubbermaid lid which hit Evan in the eyebrow. Evan came crying up the stairs with blood streaming down his face. We took him to an after hours clinic where he got four stitches. He was very brave about it and didn't cry, even though it hurt.

This year we have been doing some homeschool co-oping with some friends from church. The mom teaches the kids science on Tues. and Thurs. and I teach English for the middle school daughter. On Saturday, we did a field trip to the zoo together. Since it was a free day, it was very crowded. At one point, we went inside a feline exhibit. I looked through the glass wall at the lions. The male lion caught sight of a group of kids beside me and got hot and bothered. He fixed his eyes on them, charged them and slammed into the glass, shaking it, in his attempt to attack. After a few moments, it apparently realized that its efforts were thwarted and headed back towards its resting place, turning its head and snarling in our direction on the way. I tried to get my kids' attention to see all this, but they had left the building right before the incident occurred and did not see it. I Peter 5:8 certainly came to my mind in light of the experience.

Last weeked, we saw the movie "To End All Wars" on DVD. The movie potently portrayed the power of God's word to give hope and transform lives in the midst of a bleak situation caused by sinful man. Don't watch this movie if you can't stomach violence or some harsh language (but no taking of God's name in vain), but if you can, realize that it is a true storyand it is not glorifying evil. You can read more about this film at "R" for "Redemptive" or at
To End All Culture Wars BUT the latter article really might reveal too many details if you intend to see the movie. I'm glad that I didn't read that article right before seeing the movie. If you do see this movie, let me know what you think!

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