October 27, 2004


This morning, I listened to Sophie singing "stream of conscience" style in the bathtub. When she trilled, "I really love Christmas, because that is when I get some presents," she apparently heard me snort with laughter, because she immediately edited her refrain to include, "but I'm happy with what I have right now."

This evening, she tried to sing Psalm 46A, the version in our Psalm book set to the tune of "America the Beautiful" (which by the way, is VERY distracting to me--not her singing-- but the problem that the tune automatically brings the original words into my head!) She told me that at first she thought that the line, "And, therefore, tho' the earth remove we will not be afraid" was "...we will not be his friends." Silly gi'l.

The kids bundled up tonight and watched the lunar eclipse progress for awhile from the front porch. They even got some rakes out and raked up a pile of leaves on our front lawn while they were waiting to see the moon turn reddish. I really need to get a bench to sit on out front. I stayed inside where it was warm and made a grocery list. (James wasn't home from Pueblo yet.) Later we looked at the moon from our front bedroom window.

Posted by melissa at October 27, 2004 11:15 PM